Agriculture Needs a Revolution.

We focus on attracting, starting, growing, and supporting new agriculture companies and initiatives to revitalize our rural and urban communities and create new pathways for diversity. Now is the time to support business development, mentor diverse young talent, and find new approaches to farming.

We do this by supporting agtech companies, building new value-chains, and collaborating with an innovative group of farmers.

Create Ventures

AgLaunch assists in creating new ventures in two areas: (1) technology businesses based around protectable intellectual property focused on solving problems in agriculture; and (2) new value-added process ventures connecting farmers with end-users. We are focused on addressing problems in agriculture identified by farmers or issues in the food value-chain identified by end users.

Grow Companies

AgLaunch provides a range of programs to assist technology-based startup companies and create new value-chains. In addition to helping companies introduce new crops or creating new processing opportunities, we also deliver on-site entrepreneurship curriculum and consulting services.

Connect Farms & Technology

At AgLaunch, partnership and collaboration are major components of our innovation platform. We leverage the programs and capabilities of our university and farm organization partners to field test new ideas and build toward adoption.

Cultivate New Talent

AgLaunch has created a national mentorship network supporting new startups, as well as building a pipeline of talent ranging from education opportunities to workforce, partnered with the Memphis Bioworks Foundation’s Workforce Development (WFD) Team to develop a comprehensive workforce strategy. Together, we have devised tactics that can be replicated in counties that meet the needs of agricultural businesses.

Provide Funds

Funding is critical to the success of any new venture and each venture is different. The funding pathway for agritech startups is different from those for businesses which are creating new-value chains or impact driven nonprofit initiatives. AgLaunch has the experience, network, and track record to help you find the best source of funding.