Spornado, Inc.

The Spornado early alert system for crop disease helps growers optimize their pesticide use. The wind-powered air sampler and highly sensitive DNA analysis allows farmers to know when crop disease is in the air long before it is seen in the field, enabling them to spray precisely, saving time, money, and yields.

Location: Toronto, Ontario                    Website: https://spornadosampler.com/

ReEnvision Ag

The ReEnvision Ag Planter system works to allow farmers to plant in more diverse conditions without the pain of compaction the current industry standard causes.

Location: Nora Springs, Iowa                    Website: https://reenvisionag.com/

LeafTech Ag

LeafTech Ag provides an integrated handheld digital lab and crop management solution for enhanced crop quality and performance.

Location: Greenfield, Indiana                    Website: https://www.leaftechag.com/

Grain Weevil

The Grain Weevil powered by JLI Robotics is a mobile robot that scurries across the top of the grain inside of a storage bin performing tasks that no human should ever do.

Location: Aurora, Nebraska                    Website: https://www.grainweevil.com/

Global Neighbor, Inc.

Global Neighbors’ first product for ag, the weed seed destroyer, uses light to make weed seeds collected at harvest non-viable, thereby addressing the problem of escape and herbicide-resistant weeds in grain crops.

Location: Dayton, Ohio                    Website: https://g-neighbor.com/


Nori is a platform that makes it easy for farmers to get paid for storing carbon in their soils.

Location: Seattle, WA

Site: www.nori.com


Lepidext is revolutionizing corn earworm pest control with an organic method for suppressing adult moths.

Location: Lexington, KY

Site: www.lepidext.com

Continuum Ag

Continuum Ag quantifies and improves soil health by integrating diverse soil data into the online platform, resulting in actionable results.

Location: Washington. IA

Site: www.continuumagllc.com

Soil Nerd

Soil Nerd is a digital agronomist that helps farmers raise crop quality and reduce in-season risk through soil health management.

Location: Ashland, Oregon
Site: www.soilnerd.com


Shepherd is helping farmers rethink their farm work and farm labor by building tools to help growers everywhere get more done, faster and easier than ever before.

Location: Missoula, Montana
Site: www.shepherdfarming.com